Belated Merry Christmas everybody

Umm, yeah because of the recent adversities i couldn't even write about how i spent my Christmas. I was with my family, and everyone was sick, really sick. I'm not sure if it was the swine flu, which ruined our Christmas, but everybody just layed in their beds with a fever. On Christmas Eve, no one opened the gifts, no one ate together or watched Christmas movies together, or listened to music together. It was the saddest Xmas ever. And when i got sick, it was HELL, because i've never had such a high fever before. It felt like i had been beaten with a baseball bat, pretty much. And that was the day when "he" informed me that he doesn't want to be with me anymore, and when he broke my heart. TOTALLY THE WORST XMAS EVER. I just wanted to die, for real.
But i was, however, really glad that i got some great gifts, although i didn't deserve any of them. AND i also gave gifts to my family. Usually i don't give anything to anyone (yeah i'm an asshole). But here's the ones that i got. (I freaking love this huge, silver candle holder which mom bought me from PENTIK). Oh yeah, i wanna mention that mom and dad cooked REALLY good Christmas dinner, and soooo much desserts *dying*. 

I like to imagine that this perfume smells like Daniel Craig's fuckgirl, or when i'm using it i smell like a Bond girl lol.
 My "new" plates and spoons i bought at a second hand shop.

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