Excerpts from my sketchbook

 It's high time to show you the drawings that i've done over the last few weeks. As you can see, these works reflects my own feelings and actually my whole emotional life. I've been really inspired by old antique sculptures lately. I'm fascinated by their nude body and pleats of the cloth, and particularly the lights and shadows that appears on the sculptures are stunning.
I've also done a few portraits with pencils. Lana Del Rey is one of my favorites. I wanted to draw a picture of Bradley Soileau in hopes of he could see it and likes it. But guess what, it was way beyond my expectations. I don't want to boast but he shared it on FB, tweeted it and he also reposted it on Instagram ! I was like WOW. It was cool af.
The last on is my Christmas cards that i made. It says "Hyvää JOU LUA" in old english which just means "Merry CHRIST MAS". I sent them everywhere and for everyone, but i didn't get a single myself, but it went exactly how i expected. I don't send Xmas cards assuming that someone sends one back tho. (PS. I always suspect that do i speak or write english correctly, but i hope you understand what i'm trying to say.)

Anyway, pls tell me if you like these.


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