Excerpts from my sketchbook

 It's high time to show you the drawings that i've done over the last few weeks. As you can see, these works reflects my own feelings and actually my whole emotional life. I've been really inspired by old antique sculptures lately. I'm fascinated by their nude body and pleats of the cloth, and particularly the lights and shadows that appears on the sculptures are stunning.
I've also done a few portraits with pencils. Lana Del Rey is one of my favorites. I wanted to draw a picture of Bradley Soileau in hopes of he could see it and likes it. But guess what, it was way beyond my expectations. I don't want to boast but he shared it on FB, tweeted it and he also reposted it on Instagram ! I was like WOW. It was cool af.
The last on is my Christmas cards that i made. It says "Hyvää JOU LUA" in old english which just means "Merry CHRIST MAS". I sent them everywhere and for everyone, but i didn't get a single myself, but it went exactly how i expected. I don't send Xmas cards assuming that someone sends one back tho. (PS. I always suspect that do i speak or write english correctly, but i hope you understand what i'm trying to say.)

Anyway, pls tell me if you like these.


Should I follow him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland?

Yippee, finally i got my laptop back ! Previously, i told you how fucked up my computer was. I lost all the pictures, videos, movies, music, EVERYTHING. GONE. I still can't understand how my computer broke down so badly. The repair cost almost as much as buying a new one, but i want to keep this.

I don't know what to say. It's like bad luck is chasing me. When i get something good, always something much worse happens. And it happened again this time too. When i came home i gave a sigh of relief, 'cause i've done an awful lot of things today. I was rushing here and there. Even though i have a lot of pain, and feeling like my organs are burning like hell. Honestly, this is a horrible feeling (mentally and physically).
But it doesn't matter now, because rn the most important thing for me is Lipton. He has been really sick today. I was alarmed when he didn't manage to stand, walk or even sit. He neither ate nor drank, he just layed limp on the floor. I tried to feed him, but it wasn't successful. I didn't hesitate for a moment, i called the vet right away. The nurse who answered the phone, was really worried too, and told me to bring Lipton to the veterinary clinic immediately. The distance is about 3 kilometers (thankfully it's not so freezing outside anymore). I walked as fast as i can hoping that he doesn't freezing to death. I managed to get past the queue over to the vet. 
She did clinical trials, such as listened to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope, checked out the condition of his teeth, palpated the stomach and everything. But the only thing she found was a small defect in the lower back. Some kind of muscle injury. But nothing wasn't as scary as the fact that his body temperature fell from 38 degrees to 35. The vet said that a healthy rabbit can't catch cold outdoors in such a short period of time, even in winter. But for some reason, Lipton was really cold and feeble. The vet injected some antibiotics and analgesics under his skin, and gave more medicines and liquid food which i'm gonna give him later. I have to force-feed him until he's capable to eat on his own. 
I'm so terribly worried. Let's hope and pray that he'll survive (although i don't know who to pray). Lipton is everything to me, he's the only one who has been with me at all times. He's my best friend and i couldn't live without him, especially now in these difficult times. He has had a few tough times in his life: Cats and dogs have attacked upon him, he escaped and was missing over night, he had a disease which led to surgery, many kids have teased him several times and many other things. But he has always survived ! And i have to believe that he's going to survive this time too.

But one thing is strange. A few days ago, i had a dream that Lipton fell sick, because i looked after him too much. My father and i tried to help Lipton, but the more i took care of him, the sicker he became. It was a distressing dream, like it was trying to tell me something. I don't know...