Friendly sketching

I have always wondered how to create a caricature. My very good friend sent me a few funny drunky pictures of her and I couldn't resist to draw some sketches. Yeah, I know that the difference between caricature and drawing a portrait of someone is that you are supposed to exaggerate and distort the person’s face and body. But actually I didn't exaggerate her lineaments, I just...created a very fucking distorted picture of my friend. And it was so much fun! Hope she thinks so, too hahah.


Lakeside painting

I've taken dozens of photos from places around Kainuu and i turned some of those photos into paintings... I used water mixable oil colors as always.





Today is the day

If I could be myself for just one day I'd look like this. Goth af.



This is how I created this made-to-order art piece step by step. I named it Capra.
Water-soluble oils on hardboard 66 x 62,5


New vinyls

Bought these vinyls a few weeks ago. And i got this Mitä saisi olla? -vinyl when Nyrkkitappelu played a gig at Henry's pub in Kuopio. I also got to meet the guys after the show and hang out. It was probably one of the most memorable shows i've ever been to. It was rad!

1. Adolescents -  Adolescents
2. Marilyn Manson -  The Dope Show 10"
3. Nyrkkitappelu - Mitä saisi olla?


DIY vintage chest

 My mom asked me to hand paint this new wooden chest and give it a vintage look. I used this leftover paint which has been used for painting our summer house. And those flower ornaments i painted with water soluble oil paints (the same oil paints i used on my self portrait and other stuff). IT'S STILL IN PROGRESS and i'm probably never gonna finish it, not in this lifetime. Shitty looking unfinished shit, what else can i say?

Oh, btw glad midsommar !