Sunday walking street market

I was partying my friend's 21th birthday. We went to the nightclub and it was pretty fun, even though i was sober (like always). After a long night out, my parents came to pick me up from my friend. Mom, dad and i went to the market, which was the last day before the vendors move to another town. My favorite was the Italian stall, where two man sold a lot of cakes, biscuits and chocolates. They even had funny chocolate bars which looked like Nokia 3310 ! It was really expensive but i couldn't resist these lemon flavored little cakes made of almond paste. So good, yum yum ! (Already ate a few before i took a picture hahha)
It was fun to have a chance to test my language skills. My parents didn't speak english, so i had to translate for them. Then we went to a stall, which was selling dozens of different types of olives. The best thing was i tasted them all, because nobody sells olives if consumer can't taste them ! But when my parents were buying olives, they didn't know how to say "that's is enough", so now we have almost one kilo of chilli olives... And they costed fucking 28€. 
There was a nice black man who was selling dozens of different colored and smelling handmade soaps. I bought a one which smells like fruits and it's good for skin. I wanted to buy them all !

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