I started jogging

Even though i don't like sports or anything which has something to do with it, i decided to make a change. I'm sick of being called fat every day, so i started jogging (particularly i can't use my waist trainer anymore). I admit that i've gained weight during the summer. Mom bought me new cool running shoes and i'm so super excited about my new hobby. In addition it's good for my body, because i have 1-type diabetes (at least i don't have type 2 diabetes). I go running into the forest which is nearby and very peaceful place. It's so cheerful jogging and watching sunshine filtering through leaves. I also see a lot of small animals such as mice, voles and ravens while walking in the woods. 

Mama antoi minulle nämä uudet KEVIN.MURPHYn shampoon (ANGEL.WASH) ja hoitoaineen (ANGEL.RINSE). En ole varma onko ne tarkoitettu vaaleille hiuksille, mutta käytän niitä siitä huolimatta koska ne tuoksuvat niin hyvälle. Nämä pienet nelikulmaiset pullot ovat tyylikkäät ! Ai niin, ja KEVIN.MURPHY tuotteita ei ole testattu eläimillä !

Mom gave me these new KEVIN.MURPHY shampoo and conditioner called ANGEL.WASH and ANGEL.RINSE. I'm not sure if they're supposed to use for blonde hair, but i use them anyway because they smells so good. These little square bottles are really cool ! Oh yes, KEVIN.MURPHY products are also cruelty free !

And here's a picture of me being fat and awkward, lol. 


Tell me what to draw !

Big photos just in case if some skilless shit wants to copy them, lol. Anyway, here's my latest artwork. I'm pretty proud of the "Shakur" drawing, even if i say so myself. What do ya fink?

I told you guys on Instagram that i'd like to draw or paint people/things you propose to me. Some girl already commented that she wants me to draw 2pac, and i did !

Just comment below !



For local people visiting Lake Oulujärvi is like going to the seaside. It is the widest stretches of open water in Finland and one of the largest lakes here. We have a cottage or "mökki" there. I don't like that place very much, but i love the lake nonetheless, especially that one particular island called Ärjä. We were rowing with my brother at night. It was very cheerful and fun. Oulujärvi is also called "The Sea of Kainuu".

Because i'm fucking sexy...