I need to figure out something new use for these long-neck vases... Someone who smokes pot would have more use for them than me, i guess haha. But i'm not gonna abandon these bottles.

Mmmmmm, brita cake ! My favorite ! 

Mom bought some roses for my brother. He passed the junior high school, yay !

My grandma gave me these nice glasses and they're as old as the hills. I do my best not to break any of them, because i'm never gonna find glasses like these again (especially the drinking glasses).

"Which Stuff From Your Ex Should You Keep?" is the best caption for this picture, tho.

My favorite tea cup, although i don't even drink tea.

I met these sweet lambs today ! They're gonna spend whole summer here in my neighborhood. Sheeps are my favorite animals right after bunnies. I can't understand how someone can be scared of them haha. 

This sheep literally "heitti huulta" as we say in Finland. It literally means "throw the lip" or something like that. It's a funny saying like "shoot the bull" or "shoot the breeze".