(These pictures are some kind of wannabe-art-shit). I updated my hair color again, therefore i fixed my washed-out dirty purple puke. I'm frigging sorry about that i haven't posted anything of that. Maybe now is the time for it, finally. So, i blanched part of my hair (stripes..??) with hydrogen peroxide. The result was horrible piss-yellow stripes on brown hair but fortunately they hided under the Elumen purple color (purple and yellow are complementary colors). After that i've colored my hair with this StarGazer ammonia-free hair color, tone Plume. I put a lot of conditioner on the dye and spread it on my hair. After that i comb the dye all over my hair. Leave it for about an hour. Then i naturally wash my hair and put some hair products and stuff. 

Näyttääpä toi leima tori rupsahtaneelta, hups.

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