MTV Cribs: Mah dollhouse

Welcome to my little house ! This is self assembled dollhouse which parts have ordered from somewhere abroad(?). The walls are covered with grey and green wallpaper. There's wooden floor in the living room and bedroom. Kitchen and bathroom floor is covered with tile pattern flooring. All these furniture and dolls is made ​​of wood, textiles, metal, aluminum, brass etc. Some of the food items are made of plastic. 

Kitchen. There's so much stuff: fridge full of food likewise those cabinets, porcelain dishes in the cupboard, many types of pots, spice jars, serving trolley and much of everything else.

Birthday party in the living room. On the table candles and Indian statue at the background. You can see an old styled stove in the corner. More porcelain dishes in that showcase. I think those sofa furniture are adorable and the chandelier is the best thing in this room IMO (sad it's broken). The floor is made of real wood. 

Posliininen teeastiasto tarjottimella. 
Porcelain tea set on a tray. 

Upstairs: Bathroom. How cute is that bath.

Bedroom. This is definitely my favorite of all the rooms.

The whole house. There's more scrap in the attic e.g a Christmas tree !


  1. OH MY FUCKING GOD HALUAN MYÖS NUKKEKODIN! ;__; Ja tuo sinun on aivan ihana! Oon ikuisesti katkera äidille, se möi mun oman koska olin muka liian vanha.. Ikinä ei oo liian vanha nukkekodille!

    1. oivoii :c surullista. tää onkin tällane ei-mikään-lelu nukkekoti vaan ihan keräilijäkamaa or smth ! :33 hyvä että uskaltaa edes sisustaa tota kun kaikki on niin viimesenpäälle käsintehtyjä ja yksityiskohtaisia.


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